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How to get in touch:

You can write to me directly at, I'll be happy to answer any questions about quotes, time frames and materials. I take commissions for quilts, paintings and digital work.

Price Guide:

These prices are estimates and may change depending on the intricacy/material etc of the commission;

27" x 27" (wall hanging, chair back, baby blanket) - £225

35" x 55" (wall hanging, sofa back, cot quilt) - £425

55" x 65" (wall hanging, small throw, child's quilt) - £550

65" x 89" (single bed quilt, foot cover for double bed) - £795

80" x 89" (double bed quilt) - £895

104" x 93" (king sized quilt) - £995

Please feel free to contact for quotes on smaller pieces or anything you don't see here.

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